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SAS / 3M 1436 Folding Earmuffs (330-3044)

3M 1436 Folding Earmuffs (330-3044)

Product Name: 3M 1436 FOLDING EARMUFFS (330-3044)

Brand: 3M

Model: 1436

Product Type: Earmuffs / Earplugs

Standard: NRR 23 dB

Insulation value (SNR): 23db

Material: Plastic, Metal

Recommended industry: Water, Wastewater, Pipeline Construction, Masonry / Stone / Stone Work / Bricklaying,
Wrecking, Demolition.

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SKU: EM-3M-1436

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  • The 3M 1436 Folding Earmuffs (330-3044) features a folding earcup design that proved compact storage when not in use.
  • The adjustable headband allows you to find the best possible fit. The 3M 1436 Earmuffs have soft, foam-filled ear cushions that seal around the ear and provide a high level of hearing protection.
  • The wide ear cups will fit any ear size. Perfect for those in high-noise areas including gun ranges, construction sites, manufacturing plants and more.

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